Górecznik is a gastronomic and recreational complex that is inscribed in both the local landscape and the history of the region. The Górecznik pond, next to which the Tavern & Hotel *** building is located, is already visible on historical 19th-century maps and has always been in the Barycz Valley. Barycz is a lazy river that begins its course only a few kilometers far from Górecznik. It is known from historical sources that it was one of the ponds in which the prince Radziwiłł estate raised fish. 

In the mind of the current owner, Józef Szeląg, the idea was born to create a recreational and leisure complex here, and this idea has been consistently implemented since the late 90 of XX century. We started with a wooden frying room and a wooden indian Wigwam. Today, in the place of the fry room, there is a modern three-star Hotel with an inn and wooden terraces on the water. Thanks to the support of European funds obtained through the Partnership for the Barycz Valley - the facility is equipped with renewable energy sources, a modern kitchen and hotel rooms. 

Obtaining funds also allowed to launch an educational and museum path presenting the development of villages and fisheries with 73 educational boards and a large parking facility. The creation of this tourist attraction was aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Barycz Valley area. As a result, the offers for individual customers were enriched, who, apart from gastronomy, could take advantage of the educational and museum path and saving the cultural and historical heritage. Not only an educational path was created, but also a rich educational offer for organized groups - kindergartens and schools from the region, which are invited to "Lessons Close to Nature" and regional workshops.

We are proud of its three Barycz Poleca Valley certificates. In the Tavern you can eat freshwater fish from the Możdżanów farm. Thanks to the stand with local products, they have the opportunity to taste juices, honey, drinks produced by other producers with the DBP mark. We organize a number of events as part of the Carp Days in the Barycz Valley, in-demand fish dinners, weekends with local products or fishing competitions. They are all very popular. More and more tourists enjoy the certified services at the Górecznik Hotel in modern interiors that keep the atmosphere of the Barycz Valley. Primary school and kindergarten students learn about local history in the Górecznik Family Adventure Park. Educational activities are supported under the "Education for the Barycz Valley" Program.


Górecznik Taurus Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Antonin ul. Wrocławska 7
63-421 Przygodzice

Tel. +48 62 724 35 61
Tel. +48 602 266 093

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